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Lots of great looking Drum Circle merchandise at my store. Plenty of cool items starting at $5.

Choose from various items of clothing, shirts, shorts, sweats, hats, drink bottles, coffee cups, calendars, gift cards, prints, stickers, iPad iPhone cases, and lots more, with one of these images on them.

The first two are original watercolor art by my wife. Many of these items make a great gift for yourself, loved one, or favorite drummer. Nothing says “I love you” like a pair of boxer shorts with the words “Drum Some” on the back. The “Hafla” bellydance art looks great on T-shirts, posters, and other items.


“Hafla Bellydancing Watercolor Painting” Items at Link


“Drum Circle Watercolor Painting” Merch at Link


“Drumming Hands” Merch at Link


“Djembe Drum” Merch at Link

wild drum circles 500

“Wild Drum Circles Bellydance Watercolor Painting” Items at Link

Hey! Here’s Some Free Stuff! Mp3 drum circle jams, djembe ringtones, & more.

Not everyone can afford even minor purchases these days. I have some free downloadable music at the page link below. No registering, or signing up is required. Times are hard so enjoy a few free goodies.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. Please consider picking up a set of my drum rhythms, or drum circle CD’s. A 2 disc set is ten bucks + $2 shipping. I also have over 5 hours of live drum circle jams to put in your mp3 player, iPod, iPad, smartphone, or any other mp3 compatible device. It’s some fun listening, and it’s a pretty good deal!

There are a number of drum circle mp3’s, and djembe ringtones you can download free. Here is the page link:

To the Free Drum Circle MP3’s & Djembe Ringtones Page

My Artist Page: Have a listen to a few more drum jams. Please buy a track or full album for $10 & help out.

Or, click the link below:

My CD Baby Artist Page

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