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I hope you enjoy some of this drum circle music, and djembe ringtones. No registering, signing up for anything, or giving out an email is required. Not everyone can afford even minor music purchases these days, so enjoy! No strings.

Free Downloads of Drum Circle Jam Mp3s

BellyDancing Drum Circle Jam 2 mp3 Download

More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1

More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2

Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1

Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2

(Or, the page link here that has djembe ringtones & more:)

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Drum Circle and Djembe Ringtones

Drum Circle & Djembe Ringtone Mp3s Link

Here’s two 7 minute clips from my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD. Try a couple of them out.

The full 2 hour DVD “101 Drum Circle Rhythms” is $15 + $2 shipping if purchased here, (Paypal links at the bottom of the page) or at my site – (Actually, there is 120 rhythms on it, but who’s counting.) I include a free drum circle jam CD if you buy it from me direct with Paypal. It is also available at Ebay or Amazon for a couple bucks more, but no free CD is included. Amazon has it on Instant Video for $14. It helps out the most if you purchase direct from me (second link below) The Amazon link, and my DVD page are both below:

101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD & Instant Video at Amazon Click Here

101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD & Video Page Click Here

Some of the above links redirect you to my older website There’s lots of drum circle reference material, info, a drum circle finder, and live drum circle music. Some you can listen to, some are free downloadable drum circle jams, and a dozen free djembe ringtone mp3s for your phone so it can be jammin’ too.

As I mentioned, these tracks and lots more of my drum circle music is available at CDBaby iTunes Amazon and most mp3 retailers. As far as I know, CDBaby has the lowest price. You can download 2.5 hours for $12.

CDBaby Drum Circle Music Page Click Here

If you’re a filmmaker, music or TV show producer, samples, making a video, or for any other purpose, I have about 7 hours of hand drumming, and drum circle music. It can set the perfect background mood, tone, or action movement to a scene, or project.

It’s world music group drumming from various cultures, styles, and at a variety of tempos. African, Latin, Native American, Mid-East Belly Dance, Funk, Soul, Freestyle, and Rock & Roll. Some of what you heard above and lots more to choose from. All of it is copyrighted and licensed.

outdoor drum circle party

school drumming event

Drum circle night at the club

drum circle dancers 2

anyone can play at a drum circle

Drum Circle Lovers Deal 6 Pack – The 101 Rhythms DVD & 5 Drumming CD’s $40 Including USA Shipping. For the really hard core drum circle lover! $40 Shipped (USA Only) Here’s what’s included:

The DVD 101 Drum Circle Rhythms For The Hand Drum (2 hours, 12 Min. long) 2 CD’s 101 Drum Circle Rhythms (2 Hours audio only) (Great for the car stereo or iPod) 2 CD’s Live Ultimate Drum Circles (78 minutes on each disc, good stuff!) The CD Clearwater Beach Drum Circle (78 minutes of great drum circle action) (You can substitute the Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set if you wish for the 2 audio rhythms CDs. Just ask, and I will do it.)

These 5 drumming CD’s and DVD will keep you, or any other hand drummer busy, for a long, long time. And I hope it helps you to enjoy drum circles more. So it’s a total of 6 drumming discs for $40 including shipping anywhere in the USA. That’s a pretty good value for your money. (Even today.) The sales of this, help me to fund work in our community for groups with very limited recreational budgets, and also keep the drum circle finder, and this website going. Thanks in advance if you choose to purchase it from me.


drum circle DVD

If you wish to purchase just the rhythms DVD and drum circle CD, please use the Paypal button below for ordering my 101 Rhythms DVD & drum jam CD in the USA. It’s $15 + $2 shipping.

Please use this Paypal button for ordering the DVD & CD outside the USA. It is $2 additional. ($19 USD) (Please note, for buyers outside of the USA, my DVD is multi-regional, region friendly.)

If you’re a filmmaker or video / TV producer all of my drumming and drum circle music tracks are licensed. Check & listen to a few. There’s a wide variety of cultures, styles, and tempos to choose from. Helps to set that perfect mood for a scene. Here’s the website url:

Or, click the link below:

My CD Baby Artist Page

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