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Hello Drummers and Drum Circle Hunters! Find both freestyle, and facilitated drum circles in your area, or if you are traveling somewhere. This is a human edited database since 1999, and I had to move it back to my old site – drumcircles.net – that latest updates are there, and they were last updated February, 2017

Here’s the link to the drum circle finder for the USA, or paste it in to your browser.

For Drum Circles in the USA Click Here


Here’s the link to the global drum circle finder for circles in other countries, or paste it in to your browser.

For The International Drum Circle Finder Click Here


SL Ratigan – drumcircles.net

This drum circle finder is a free service to the drumming and dancing community. It was established in 1999, back in the days of the free websites, Lycos, Excite, Geocities, Webtv, etc. Thanks kindly for all the help, and support from everyone over the years. I really appreciate it. Pick up one of the drum circle jams from CDBaby or itunes if you can. Every little bit helps.

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Free Drum Circle jam Mp3 Downloads

Since you scrolled all the way down this far, here’s a couple free drum circle jam mp3s. Put them in your mp3 player, iPod & enjoy. There’s 7 more free drum circle jam mp3’s and some djembe drum ringtones located at the link just below this download. No strings attached!) (Please visit drumcircles.net until these are uploaded here.)

More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1

More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2

I hope the drum circle finder helps you to locate a drum circle in your area. Again, if you know of an ongoing weekly, or monthly drum circle that’s not listed, please email me, or add it to the FaceBook Drum Circle Finder page, and let me know, so I can add it in for the benefit of others. This global drum circle directory is updated regularly. Thanks for your support, comments, and kind words over the years.

Adding weekly or monthly drum circles to the Drum Circle Finder:

If you would like to add your drum circle to the list, just email the particulars to me with a brief description & I will add it in here on the next update. I respect your privacy, & I never give email addresses out to anyone. Thanks.

Email me at drumcircles.net(at)hotmail.com (or use the link below.)

To Email Me With Drum Circle Updates

At my main site drumcircles.net I offer my 2 drum circle rhythms CD’s for $10, 2 hour 101 drum circle rhythms DVD for $10, and my 300 page book, “A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles” on Amazon Kindle for $8. I also teach hand drumming in person, do session work, and online to both children and adults.

Locally, I work with a variety of groups, and I facilitate drum circles around the Saint Louis area. I do some charity work for a number of worthwhile organizations. There’s a little wear and tear on the drums and percussion I provide. The proceeds from the sales of my drumming CD’s, DVD’s, and drum circle book help me to fund work in our community. (And keep this site going.)

I try to offer them at as reasonable a cost as possible. As an independent artist, funds are always tight, so I always appreciate a product that is a good value for the money. That’s the idea behind my book, CD’s & DVD. Helping fellow musicians. Thanks in advance for helping us out with repairs, and expenses.

To the drumcircles.net home page

Notated drum circle rhythms, drumming sheet music, photos, videos, and more

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Other ways to find drum circles near you:

There is a drum circle “Meetup” map, and a meetup drum circle directory. Lately, they’ve been having some problems – sometimes it works – sometimes not so much, so paste in the link drumcircle.meetup.com and see what drum circle meetup’s are going on near you, or maybe even get one started. It’s a great way to get the word out in your local area, and promote your circle. Try it on FaceBook, and Yahoo Groups as well. Try a Google and/or MeetUp search with the keywords, “drum circle” and the “city” you live near.

Just below is the FaceBook drum circle finder page. Check that one out, & post info there so it gets out there instantly to over 7000 people. Odds are good there are a few of them in your area. I add the ongoing circles to the drum circle finder database.

FaceBook Drum Circle Finder Page

If you are on FB, there are 100’s of listings posted by others, but you need to visit the page link in order to see them. Please consider joining and add your drum circle info if you like. You can include photos, videos, and links about your circle, or drumming groups, and special events. The regular meeting drum circles will be later added to this page. You can also just go to FaceBook and do a search for the page name: Drum Circle Finder

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FaceBook Drum Circle World Group

You can also post about drumming events, drum circles, and related items for sale on this FaceBook group: Drum Circle World Group On FaceBook Link

Drum Circle World Blog.

Plenty of helpful hints on drum circle facilitating, promoting your circle, drumming tips, rhythm starters, drum rhythm notations, drum circle stories, drum circle drum recommendations, ideas on how to start up a drum circle, some ways to get free drum circle facilitation experience / training, and a whole lot more.

Drum Circle World Blog at blogspot.com

Need Some Free Drum Circle Opinions, or some advice? Just ask, I’m happy to try and help.

If you live out of the Missouri area, and need some advice, suggestions, ideas, or anything at all about hosting any form of drum circle, I am more than happy to try and help you along. Even if you arn’t sure what kind of drum might be right for you, or your group, just email me and I will try to help you out. I don’t actually sell drums, but I do have years of experience with most major brands, styles, and retailers. I can recommend the places to you I buy mine from. If you are wanting to host or facilitate drum circles, this art form has evolved a lot in the last 10 years alone. Art can be very subjective. There used to be only one or two widely accepted ways to facilitate drum circles. Now there are dozens of styles all around the country, and around the world.

We have all these different cultures that each have their own style of drumming, and ways of group drumming. So in my opinion, the way to become the best, is to try and learn from as many facilitators as possible. (Not just one) And also learn as many cultural styles as possible, so you can be more well rounded in your skills, and work with any group under any circumstances. Try to study, or study with as many professionals as you can. The learning process should never end, because we are in an ever evolving art field. Your style that you develop can be uniquly yours, a combination of the best of all of them. It is an ever evolving art form.

Check out part 2 of my drum circle rhythms in this YouTube video. Please keep in mind that this is only 7 minutes from my 2 hour DVD. The DVD title is 101 Drum Circle Rhythms. Actually, there is 120 of them, but who’s counting. I hope you enjoy one or two, and these help to get you in the groove. On the DVD there are lots of fun ethnic drum beats from around the world to explore, have fun with, & make them your own. Over 2 hours of them will keep you in the drumming mood for a long time. Each rhythm is about a minute long.

101 Drum Circle Rhythms Instant Video at Amazon

If you would like to get the 101 rhythms DVD and drum circle jam CD: Please use the Paypal button below for ordering my 101 Rhythms DVD & drum circle jam CD in the USA. It’s $9.99 + $2.99 shipping.

Please use the Paypal button below for ordering the rhythms DVD & CD to all other countries outside the USA. It is $2 additional. (The total is $15 USD) (Please note, for buyers outside of the USA, my DVD is multi-regional, and region friendly.)


My 300 page book, “A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles”

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If your desire is to get much more in depth with this, please consider picking up my book. It goes into starting a drum circle, or drumming program, and how to keep it fresh and interesting for all different kinds of groups. I cover all of this, and much more in great detail. The page link for it is below. (It’s on Kindle or Nook for $8 )

A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book Link


Many musicians, drummers, and artists cross over into the acting field. I did it for over 2 decades. Please have a look at my actor page. “Acting, Auditioning, Casting Advice, And Anecdotes” (240 page Kindle book $5)

Got an ongoing drum circle that isn’t listed here? Or know of one? Let me know and I’ll add it to the listings for you. I respect people’s privacy, and I never give email addresses out to anyone. Thanks.

Contact Email: drumcircles_net(at)hotmail.com

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Another way to help support the drum circle finder site is by picking up a drum circle mp3 track on iTunes or the full 2 hours for $10. There’s a variety of live drum circle jams, or my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Video – Just search on the title, or use the link:

Drum Jam or Rhythms Mp3s on iTunes

Or, if not on iTunes, Amazon, or click the CDbaby.com link


My CD Baby Artist Page

My 300 page drum circle book is $8. On Kindle or Nook. Read the first few chapters free with the look inside feature.

Try out a few drum circle rhythms with the YouTube video below.

There’s 7 of the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms in this YouTube video. Each one is about a minute long just like they are on the 2 hour DVD. Actually, there is 120 of them, but who’s counting. I hope you enjoy a couple of them. The DVD is $9.99 + $2.99 shipping.

Here’s a link for it on Amazon Instant Video & Downloading the full 2 hour 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Video

101 Drum Circle Rhythms Video or DVD at Amazon.com
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